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Fritzing 0.9.4 – A Tool for Creative Electronics

in order to add a board, use the fritzing menu entry tools -> add board. this pops up a dialog, where you can define the board, the manufacturer, the fritzing version, and so on. enter the manufacturer and board name, then press ok. alternatively, you can press the button with the plus icon next to the board. if you're looking for a specific board, you can also use the command-line tool fritzing-cli listboards. this command will list the available boards. the returned list will be sorted by the manufacturer.

Fritzing 0.9.4 – |

the tool fritzing mac allows you to create effects in motion pictures, digital content creation, and more. you can add effects like transitions, tilt, and zoom effects and much more. you can choose between multiple effects, and there is even a tutorial. the tool also has a full-screen mode, where you can see the result while you're creating it. after you have completed your design, you can save it in either png or tif format. you can also use the tool to create a new design or open a design that you have exported from fritzing. for more information, please see the website.

the feature is a minor matter for now, just like the possible programming of the arduino uno with the used components. in order to create the schematic drawing, fritzing must be started. after that you can switch directly to the plug-in board view. it doesn't matter if you use the shortcut ctrl + 2 or the way via the menu bar or quick selection. you will immediately see that fritzing displays the plug-in board by default, see figure 7.

version 0.9.4 will attempt to update/refresh the local parts database, but the database has to actually exist first. because you installed without that dependency, there is nothing for it to update. i do not know how fritzing in that rpm is configured, so do not know where it is looking for the database. if that was known, the database could be created there, and fritzing would attempt to do the updates. which might still fail, since in many installations the parts library ends up in a location that fritzing does not have write access to.


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