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[S2E16] Alien Zoo !LINK!

Meanwhile two aliens on a spaceship in outer space are spying on the Danger Force on Planet Earth from their space ship, while they're talking about their failing alien zoo on their home planet needing a new species exhibit. They then suggest the idea to each other to kidnap the Danger Force and using them in their alien zoo to help revitalize it and bring some business back to the zoo again. One of the aliens, is also the ex-boyfriend of the alien girl Glerp who fell in love with Bose, and sees it as a good opportunity to get revenge on him.

[S2E16] Alien Zoo

Back on Earth, the Danger Force is still trying to figure out how to escape when the alien spaceship comes and lowers down a giant fishing-rod-looking line from the ceiling above the exhibit with a giant gummy worm on it as bait. When they try to see what it is and grab onto it, it yanks them up through the ceiling and up into the air onto the spaceship, causing them to seemingly vanish into thin air to Mary and the cameras of the KLVY news crew who are witnessing it live.

Miles, back at the Man's Nest is watching the whole thing on TV and is befuddled and confused not knowing what's going on. At the intergalactic alien zoo back on the planet where the aliens came from, the Danger Force are transported and teleported to a room disguised to look like an average house living room from Earth. The aliens then introduce themselves to the Danger Force and tell them that they've been captured to be in a new exhibit in their intergalactic alien zoo. They then show off the human living room exhibit, with the Danger Force and Ray inside, to the zoo's new alien visitors and patrons.

One of the alien girls taunts Volt through the glass window separating the exhibit from the zoo guests and visitors. Ray and the Danger Force do everything they can to try and escape but realize their superpowers don't work while in the exhibit, much to the zoo's guests and customers' amusement. Ray and Bose sit down on the couch in the exhibit and watch a TV show called "Alien Genuine Moments", the intergalactic alien version of the Planet Earth's show "Genuine Moments" that they watch on their TV at the Man's Nest, while Chapa and ShoutOut ponder about whether they think Schwoz and Miles will try to come and rescue them. Back at the Man's Nest, Schwoz and Miles are using Schwoz's satellite helmet to see if they can track down the Danger Force and the alien zoo's location and get a signal from them to contact them. They accidentally contact Glerp, the alien girl who fell in love with Bose, and she teleports herself to the Man's Nest to confront them.

At the alien zoo, this time Mika and Chapa are also sitting with Ray and Bose on the couch watching "Alien Genuine Moments" together and are deeply entertained by it and like it even better than their Earth's version. They also tell Chapa its her turn to entertain the alien visitors and guests outside of the glass window of their exhibit.

Back on Earth, Glerp is talking with Schwoz about the TV show Alien Genuine Moments while they're eating waffles together. Glerp then tells them that her alien ex-boyfriend is trying to call her and he tells her over the phone that he plans to sell Ray and the Danger Force to the richest alien animal buyer in his galaxy.

In the alien zoo exhibit, the Danger Force and Ray are suffering in their exhibit and Ray, because he is thirsty, drinks from a hamster bottle. Outside of their exhibit, the two alien guys who own the zoo are greeting the rich alien entrepreneur who decides he wants to buy Ray or Bose. They then tell him if Ray or Bose go, they all have to go with him to which he responds he will buy all of them and eat them with his rich alien friends. The Danger Force and Ray finally realize how serious and dangerous their plight is at this point and are not sure how to respond anymore.

Later on, the aliens give them one last meal before they put them in a cauldron with their hands tied up to prepare to boil them. Miles and Glerp then arrive dressed in disguises as the chefs the rich alien hired to cook and prepare the Danger Force and Ray. Miles and Glerp then cut the ropes on their wrists and free them from the cauldron. Glerp's alien ex-boyfriend then comes back and realizes Miles and Glerp aren't the real chefs and try to fight them but they subdue him and knock him unconscious.

Glerp then tells Miles that he has to eat unicorn poop (which looks, oddly enough, like cotton candy from Earth) in order for his superpowers to work. Much to his surprise, the unicorn poop tastes very good and he likes it and compares it to cotton candy. Once he regains his powers, he teleports them back to the Man's Nest and frees them. The rich alien entrepreneur then comes back with his rich friends and says if the Danger Force escaped, then they have to kill and eat the two alien owners of the alien zoo.

Back at the Man's Nest, the Danger Force prepare to go on a fun field trip with Schwoz, but Miles still wants Ray to admit that "learned his lesson" about zoos being bad. Ray is still insistent on not admitting he learned any lesson and not admitting being wrong, so Miles ties his hands up and puts him in the large cauldron they stole from the alien zoo when Miles teleported them back to Earth, and then teleports Pickles the Gorilla to the Man's Nest to cuddle with Ray while the Danger Force and Schwoz leave.

At the Man's Nest, Ray, Chapa, Miles, and Bose are watching "The Dog Bachelor" until it gets interrupted by a bad signal. Bose finds that Schwoz and Mika have disrupted the broadcast so that they can listen for aliens. Miles claims that there might be something out there in the universe that can defeat Captain Man. Ray then grabs the special microphone and challenges any alien to beat him. The next day, Ray has Chapa track down the bad commenters until Glerp from the Zormicon sector of the Rydek Galaxy arrives to answer the challenge. She starts to beat up Ray until Mika and Bose come in. Suddenly, Glerp and Bose suddenly fall for each other as the rest of Danger Force advises bringing an alien out in public. Bose states that he can put a hat on Glerp and pass herself off as a Canadian. Mika follows Bose and Glerp to Hip Hop Puree to keep an eye on them. As Bose and Glerp have their date, Mika watches them from a distance to keep an eye on them. Glerp catches Mika in the act and claims that she is in love with Bose as she asks some questions to Glerp and even gives her a solution to climate change. Then Mika finds that Bose has gotten older. She reports this to Ray as Glerp reappears. Ray and Chapa begin their ambush only to end up stapling them to the door. Glerp claims that all of them are in love with Bose. Bose then shows up as an old man as Mika claims that something is making Bose old. As Miles takes Bose to a Jimmy Buffett concert, Mika states to Bose that she is making him old and that she will die if she keeps it up. Glerp then hugs Mika and starts to age her. Ray starts to fight Glerp again as Chapa states to Mika that she is taking her anger of Bose being taken away on Ray. Chapa advises Ray to let Glerp take her anger on him so that she can return to the Zormicon sector. After Ray does what Chapa advises, Glerp takes her leave while leaving a message for Bose. Mika and Ray then use a special treadmill to restore Bose to his rightful age by walking backwards like how Mika did it.

At the Man's Nest, Captain Man, Volt, ShoutOut, and Brainstorm are confronted by Miles who rants to them about a system that puts wild animals in prison with them having just visited the Swellview Zoo. As Miles gets everyone into a group hug, he actually brings them to the Swellview Zoo and places them in an enclosure to make them learn their lessons about zoos being bad. The enclosure that they were put in belonged to a possessive gorilla named Pickles. The next morning, Trent and Mary report about the incident where they are with Pickles. Meanwhile in outer space, Derp and his friend Blerp abduct Captain Man, Volt, ShoutOut, and Brainstorm to save their alien zoo as all they got were the last unicorns. They are put in their enclosure for the Gorgatrons to see as they find their powers are also negated. Their attempts to get out only serves as entertainment for the spectators until they watch Alien Genuine Moments. Mika and Schwoz contact Glerp to help them find Captain Man and the rest of Danger Force. She tracks them to the swamp planet Blorida as a contact from her ex-boyfriend plans to auction Bose off to some rich aliens. The rich alien Beezo purchase Captain Man, Volt, ShoutOut, and Brainstorm so that he can eat them with Dark Zuckerblerg as he asks which one is more tasty. As Captain Man, Volt, ShoutOut are Brainstorm are being prepared in the cauldron for consumption, Miles and Glerp arrive disguised as chefs. After getting the confession that zoos are bad, Miles frees them as Captain Man won't accept his lesson. To make his teleporting powers work, Miles has to eat unicorn poop which will help due to alien science. Miles eats the unicorn poop which tastes like cotton candy enabling him to free everyone. Beezos and Zuckerblerg hear about what happened as they plan to eat Derp and Blerp. Back on Earth, Bose uses the age-reversing teadmill as Miles fails to get Captain Man to learn his lesson about zoos being bad. Before leaving with Schwoz, Miles teleports Pickles into the Man's Nest to keep Captain Man company. As Pickles gets into the cauldron, Captain Man tells him not to jostle him.

In 1950, Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi sat down to lunch with some of his colleagues at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he had worked five years prior as part of the Manhattan Project. According to various accounts, the conversation turned to aliens and the recent spate of UFOs. Into this, Fermi issued a statement that would go down in the annals of history: Where is everybody?

A gas-station owner who is known for telling grandiose stories about himself that aren't true gets abducted by aliens. They believe his lies and that he is a perfect example of the human species for their zoo. He escapes them by playing a harmonica, but his friends don't believe him when he tells the truth about what happened. 041b061a72


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