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Demian Rusakov
Demian Rusakov

R S Agarwal Mathematics Book: How It Can Help You Ace Your Exams

kashmir was being run by pakistan-sponsored terrorists for at least two decades. they were killing innocent kashmiri people and were freely patrolling kashmiri areas with anti-india posters. the indian forces didn't issue press release about all that. instead, they used kashmiri families for posing as kashmiri separatists while arresting them under the guise of search and arrest. a statement issued by the indian government said that no force in kashmir had the right to kill and its people, while ignoring that the indian government killed innocent people in kashmir. now, the indian government is trying to blame pakistan for handing over jammu and kashmir to pakistan. there is no proof of that. to prove it, the indian government has to release all the documents, official files and information relating to the subject. this includes the information of new delhi's role in those killings. but the indian government is not releasing any such documents and files.

r s agarwal mathematics book

even now, the indian government is attempting to downgrade jammu and kashmir's status by giving less importance to the region's legislature. the indian government is trying to weaken jammu and kashmir's sovereignty. how was jammu and kashmir's sovereignty weakened or damaged? the indian government is continuously saying that it is under the control of pakistan's president. what has the indian government done in kashmir? the indian government is giving even less importance to the state legislature. they never tell their kashmiri people about that. the indian government doesn't accept that india and pakistan are negotiating. the indian government admits that more india-friendly agenda was presented by former pm manmohan singh. so, the indian government is not serious about kashmir's status and the status of kashmiri leaders in new delhi.


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