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Demian Rusakov

La4440 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Pdf

The LA4440 is a two-channel audio power amplifier IC with dual channels built-in, making it suitable for stereo and bridge amplifier applications. It produces 6 W per channel in dual mode and 19 W in bridge mode.

La4440 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Pdf

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La4440 is a stereo Audio amplifier IC. It also can make the bridge for a mono amplifier circuit amplifier board. In dual mode, it gives 6 Watts per channel and in bridge mode, It gives 19 Watts of output. It has good ripple rejection of 46dB, small residual noise, built-in over-voltage and surge voltage protection, etc. ideal feature of the IC is its pin-to-pin protection. Here LA4440 is wired in Stereo configuration using both inputs and outputs. here we can get the la4440 amplifier circuit diagram. 041b061a72


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