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Still Corners - Creatures Of An

Still Corners' most prominent touchstone, though, is a band that, even a decade ago, sounded like they were making soundtracks to imaginary French New Wave classics. The influence of Broadcast is evident all over Creatures of an Hour, from the eerie carnival synths of "Circulars" to the chilly, music-box plink of "The White Season". It's perhaps unfair to hold a band's first record up to the high-water mark of their idols-- and especially brutal since most of us are still reeling from singer Trish Keenan's untimely passing. But since they draw overtly from Broadcast's overall aesthetic, Murray's vocals cannot but fall flat under the inevitable comparison the rest of their sound evokes. She sings each track in a breathy exhale like she's trying to fog up a car window. All of which sounds lovely, but there's not enough substance or personality in the vocals she displays on these tracks to transcend her influences-- or to be very memorable at all.

Still Corners - Creatures Of An

Jeff Terich is the founder and editor of Treble. He's been writing about music for 20 years and has been published at American Songwriter, Bandcamp Daily, Reverb, Spin, Stereogum, uDiscoverMusic, VinylMePlease and some others that he's forgetting right now. He's still not tired of it.

Bats have been misunderstood by humans for many years and are still among the most persecuted animals on earth. In many parts of the world, bats are killed due to fear or harmful myths that make them seem scary or even dangerous. However, the fact is that bats are one of the most beneficial animals to humans.

There are some people who constantly dwell on the past and I was one of them. I had been forgiven and cleansed through the precious blood of the Christ of Calvary. I invited Jesus into my heart and He became my personal Saviour on August 14, 1980, yet I constantly thought about all the cruel things I had said and done before I was born again into the family of God. I still felt ashamed and embarrassed because I had been so disrespectful to my parents. It took a while for me to realize that when Jesus forgives, He forgets also and never holds it against us again. I was allowing Satan to keep me chained to my past. I finally cried out to Jesus and asked Him to please free me from all the thoughts of the past.

No matter what you have done, Jesus loves you. He is waiting for you with His arms open wide and a heart full of compassion, understanding, tenderness and mercy. Run into the precious arms of Jesus. He will forgive you and wash you in the river of blood that He shed for you on the cross. He will release you from the chains of depression, heartache, loneliness and fears that have kept you shackled for many years. You can depend on Jesus. He will never leave you, not even for a minute, and when you hurt Him, He will still love you. All of us hurt Him in some way but He lovingly forgives us time after time.

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Hence it is not to be wondered at, if the idea of the improvable nature of beasts having got into the hands of the people, all reasoning with them was at an end. The visionary man had made proselytes to such an extent, that the people insisted on an experiment, by raising some of the brute creatures, at least, to executive offices. The clerkship of one of the courts being vacant, great interest was made by the owner of a monkey, to have him appointed. The Governor was harrassed by the application, which was at the same time so respectably supported, that he could not possibly avoid the nomination. Not that even yet he had the smallest confidence in his capacity of discharging the duty; but that he might save himself from the importunity of the friends of the experiment. Accordingly, the monkey was appointed, and his commission made out in form. He had remonstrated against the solicitation, representing his persuasion of the incompetency of the animal; but it was so firmly impressed upon the public mind, that the thing deserved a trial, that he was obliged to yield. For they insisted that, whatever might be the incapacity of the animal, the commission would supply the defect. Indeed they argued very plausibly upon this; and it seemed not to be without foundation that they urged, that it was every day before their eyes, that persons were appointed to office who were not qualified; and what was more, never could become qualified; and yet the world did not stand still; nor did even the order of society, and the affairs of men seem deranged. It is incredible what a little matter will go to support one in the discharge of an office. Hence it is not so absurd what the buffoon said, "let the king give me a commission, and I will see who will say I am not fit for it." However, in the present instance, it was carrying the jest, or as it ought to be said, the experiment too far.

But, whether the experiment, in making a monkey a prothonotary, was baffled by the utter incapacity of the animal himself, or by the intrigue of the profession, and the court frowning on it, the practicability of making more out of the brute creation, than had ever yet been done, was not wholly given up. It was determined to make an experiment of what might be done, in bringing forward some of them into the profession itself; and with a view to this, choice was made of the more noisy of the dumb creatures, a dog. For though this beast comes under the denomination of dumb, yet it is no uncommon thing to compare a lawyer to him, or him to a lawyer; and though we say a dumb dog, yet I have heard a lawyer called an impudent dog; and there are many who are said to bark, rather than to argue a cause like a rational creature.

This difficulty, as was foreseen, did actually occur; for no sooner were the beagles uncoupled, than they actually flew at each other, and had one another by the throat. It was in vain that the judge called out order, gentlemen order; I shall be under the necessity of committing you for this irregularity of proceeding; your behaviour is unbecoming your profession. The dogs continued their contest, till one knocked under and howled most piteously. The humanity of the spectators, some of whom were suitors, and some not, at length interposed, and wished them to be separated, but not an individual of the bar gave themselves the least concern on the occasion; but, on the contrary, seemed diverted with it as a farce, and laughed immoderately; which gave grave offence to the people, and much reason to suspect, as in the case of the monkey, there had not been fair play in the experiment. Who could tell what spurs, or sharp weapons, there might have been under the table to prick and goad these simple and unsuspecting creatures to battle? If Jowler and Caesar had actually succeeded in maintaining a standing at the bar, it might materially have affected the employing human bull dogs, to mange a controversy. And could it be supposed that, having this interest at stake, the profession would have made no exertion, secret or reserved, to counteract the introduction of quadrupeds? Upon these grounds the persuasion of the capacity of beasts to advocate the most difficult question of law or fact, was strengthened, rather than reduced, by the experiment made; or if some did query whether all at once, they might be competent to give the best advice, as chamber counsel, in a matter of difficulty respecting the legal tenure of estates; yet no one hesitated to pronounce his conviction that they were capable of being good advocates, in a criminal case of assault and battery, at least; or where noise and racket went a great way to constitute a good pleader.

Owing to these averments, and promulgation of rumours all tending to make dog pleading popular, it was not longer than the next week, that there were several people who had come into town, enquiring where the dog lawyers had their offices. The real lawyers were so enraged that they knocked them on the head, though of the profession; but clandestinely; for they were not without apprehension of the resentment of the suitors, if the dogacide should come to light. The law might take hold of them also, if they could be considered as coming under the description of reasonable creatures in the peace of the commonwealth.

The wolf being unmuzzled, and the fox let slip, the one ran under the bench, and the other leaped out at the window, the dogs after him, which gave occasion to leave this matter of professional capacity still undetermined; the pursuit of the dogs giving occasion to the old surmise of the lawyers having set them upon them to get rid of a formidable rival. In the hurry scurry, there was little said about the fox, and he was supposed to have made his escape.

The reprimand that the chief justice gave to the squirrels and the pigs for their behaviour in court, was perhaps the most pointed of that given to any of the beasts; to the squirrels for cracking nuts, and chirping like cockroaches, while the charge was delivering, and conversing in corners with each other. To the pigs, for munching apples; because it was not only a trespass against decorum but an interruption to the argument of counsel, which could not be so well heard. Mouthing on the stage is spoken of as far from being agreeable. But such mouthing produces but a slight tumefaction of the oral orifice, and gives a rounding to the voice,

A journalist friend once told me, "Don't write about snakes and spiders. Like most of us, editors react to these creatures with an 'UGH!'" I wonder. Hasn't the incomparable Charlotte in E. B. White's masterpiece changed all that? I know she has for me. After we read "Charlotte's Web" together, my young grandson asked me, "Grandma, do you love spiders?" 350c69d7ab


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