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Demian Rusakov
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[S13E13] Dr. C And The Women

Peter befriends a group of mean girls after his feelings are hurt when his so-called friends decide to "roast" him. Lois, all too familiar with the gossipy nature of women, tells Peter they are probably talking about him behind his back, and Peter soon discovers that Lois may be right.

[S13E13] Dr. C and the Women


When Peter hits his head and suffers amnesia after getting in a fight with Richard Dawson on Family Feud, he forgets everything about his life, including his family and friends. In an attempt to try to bring back his memory, Lois decides to reintroduce Peter to his old self, until he begins to hit on other women, much to Lois's dismay. She decides to take the kids and leave Peter, giving Quagmire the opportunity to score with Lois. Peter now must prove to Lois he can remember her and make himself worthy of her again.

Bishop guesses that the tracker was under her armpit, then she gives herself a mental head slap for not getting there sooner: Early in her NSA career, she was part of a joint NSA/FBI task force called Concubine, which shut down an international human trafficking ring. College-aged women were abducted and sold all over the world and were tracked with GPS under their armpits.

The task force disbanded when they closed the case, so she reaches out to FBI Special Agent Daisy Milner and former NSA Analyst Adam Connors, who retired to become a civilian account. They agree to compare notes from the old case and soon realize that six additional college women are missing along the Eastern Seaboard.

Abby, still working in her cold lab, tracks some GPS pings to a cargo terminal at Virginia Port Authority, presumably representing women ready to be shipped overseas. Gibbs, McGee, DiNozzo, and Bishop take down two men who draw on them and free three women, including Jane Murphy. 041b061a72


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