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The Outbreak Guardian [2021]

Nearly 70 residents infected with coronavirus died at a Massachusetts home for ageing veterans, as state and federal officials try to figure out what went wrong in the deadliest known outbreak at a long-term care facility in the US.

The Outbreak Guardian

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The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus currently sweeping through parts of west Africa has so far killed an estimated 673 people. As of 23 July there had been a total of 1,202 confirmed, probable or suspected infections

The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus currently sweeping through parts of west Africa has so far killed an estimated 673 people. As of 23 July there had been a total of 1,202 confirmed, probable or suspected infections

There is need for thorough investigation to determine the source of the latest outbreak of the disease for proper containment, even though, Nigeria has continued to report sporadic cases of the disease, with a National Technical Working Group (TWG) monitoring infections and strengthening preparedness/response capacity. The containment of the deadly Ebola disease in the country some years back was largely due to close monitoring by health authorities, spearheaded by Dr. (Mrs.) Stella Adadevor who paid the supreme price for her bravery in forcefully isolating an uncooperative patient from Liberia

Usually, during outbreaks of the disease, the NCDC activates an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) to coordinate the outbreak, its investigation and response across the affected states. Even when indications are therefore strong that the disease is being contained, this is no reason to view the situation as less grim. There should be no disposition, as was the case with Lassa fever not quite long ago, that the impact of the disease has not reached alarming level. That would be insensitive. The Ebola epidemic, in 2014, claimed just about three casualties in Lagos and a national emergency was declared, which helped to check the spread.

The disease, which is endemic in West and Central Africa, was first identified in 1958 among laboratory monkeys. The first case of human infection was found in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. An outbreak that occurred in the United States in 2003 was traced to a pet store that sold imported Gambian rodents. Control measures include isolation of suspected or confirmed cases, strict adherence to universal precautions, especially, frequent hand washing with soap and water and use of personal protective equipment.

The Armed Forces have been utilised in a wide-range of settings during the pandemic, such as in delivering testing. This has supported the national effort in tackling this pandemic and across the world governments have requested military assistance to tackle this global outbreak.

During the spinal meningitis outbreak linked to NECC medications, Fred has been quoted by several national and global news media. Today, he was quoted in The Guardian in an article about one of his clients, Traci Maccoux, a 22-year-old Minnesota woman who was diagnosed with Aspergillus meningitis.

Fred Pritzker, an attorney representing 40 patients across several states who have been affected by the outbreak, said that the documents could expand the scope of the lawsuits against NECC. He has filed one lawsuit already, but expects those lawsuits to be consolidated into one multi-district litigation action to be dealt with in one court.

So far, more than 1,000 people have died from the disease, a large percentage of whom were women and children, the Guardian reported. The fatality rate is 67%, which is greater than outbreaks in the past.

Whitney Elmer, a country director for Mercy Corps, working to contain the outbreak, told the Guardian that there were around 400 new cases in the last month, the highest monthly number since the beginning of the outbreak.

All but one of the fatalities since the outbreak of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) poisoning began last month have occurred in Germany. The 18th, who died in Sweden, had recently returned from there.

In December, while China was fighting the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, the government of India was dealing with a mass uprising by hundreds of thousands of its citizens protesting against the brazenly discriminatory anti-Muslim citizenship law it had just passed in parliament.

Although the county has done little to aid its homeless population in recent years, the hepatitis A outbreak did push officials to implement a few new aid programs. Some of the new programs involve subsidizing apartments and developing counseling services for individuals at risk of becoming unsheltered. However, the increasing costs of rent, low vacancy rates, and shortage of local and federal funding have made the implementation of some of these programs slow and difficult. The Housing and Urban Development federal funding program has also consistently denied larger shares of funding to San Diego for combatting homelessness, despite the city ranking as the third-highest homeless population among U.S. cities. The current determinant for HUD funding favors cities with older housing and slowly growing populations rather than cities with large homeless populations. Officials, evidently, have placed little urgency on approaching the homeless situation and the subsequent health concerns that affect not only the homeless, but also the rest of San Diego. And although the county has set up several Porta Potties and hand-washing stations throughout the region, none of these solutions involve long-term changes.

Although San Diego has slowly come around to recognizing the severity of its homeless situation and the health problems that quickly follow suit, the city has a long way to come. In order to protect not only unsheltered people but also the general public, officials need to begin prioritizing the development of new, permanent programs, such as those created by Utah and Los Angeles. By addressing these issues now rather than later, the city can prevent the outbreak of future diseases and protect their people as a whole.

P-EBT benefits are issued retroactively based on school attendance and COVID-19 outbreak information reported by the student's school district for school-enrolled children, or based on SNAP participation for children under 6.

Guardians can confirm they are the currently listed contact for a student by contacting the P-EBT Support Center. Please note that the P-EBT program cannot share case-specifics or confirm any case information (including guardianship) with any individual who is not the currently listed guardian.

*Please note these are the only situations in which the parent/guardian on file can be adjusted. If the listed circumstances apply to your student, please contact the Colorado P-EBT Support Center at 1.800.536.5298 or or send a text message to 720.741.0550.

Reporting Communicable DiseasesWhenever an employee of the district becomes aware of an outbreak of a case, a suspected case, or an outbreak of a communicable disease, the employee shall report such information to the school nurse. If the school nurse suspects that the student has a communicable disease listed in Table 2 to AAC R9-6-203, Exhibit # JLCB-E3 the nurse shall inform the school principal, who shall inform the Director of Health Services. If it turns out that the information confirms a reportable event, the Director of Health Services or designee shall, either personally or through a representative, report the outbreak with the information required by AAC R9-6-203(B), to the local health agency, within the time limits specified in Table 2.

(b) (1) The responsibility for the enforcement of this section rests equally with each school district of this state and the parent or guardian of the child or pupil, and each of them shall be separately and individually liable for permitting any violation of this section.

(C) The owners or managers of those facilities and any parent or guardian violating the rules shall be subject to the penalties provided in the Child Care Facility Licensing Act, 20-78-201 et seq.

(4) (A) This section shall not apply if the parents or legal guardian of that child object thereto on the grounds that immunization conflicts with the religious or philosophical beliefs of the parent or guardian.

(B) The owners or managers of those facilities and any parent or guardian violating the rules shall be subject to the penalties provided in the Child Care Facility Licensing Act, 20-78-201 et seq.

(B) The rules shall provide for, but are not limited to, the tracking of those children with exemptions so that appropriate steps may be taken in the event of an outbreak or epidemic.

(i) A notarized statement requesting a religious, philosophical, or medical exemption from the Department of Health by the parents or legal guardian of the child regarding the objection;

(iii) An informed consent from the parents or guardian that shall include a signed statement of refusal to vaccinate based on the Department of Health's refusal-to-vaccinate form; and

(a) At the discretion of the Department of Health, the unimmunized child or individual may be removed from day care or school during an outbreak if the child or individual is not fully vaccinated; and

  • As of March 24, there have been 80 confirmed cases in Essex, 61 in Waltham Forest and 57 in Redbridge.

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  • Yesterday the government announced they would be launching a new temporary hospital of two wards containing 2,000 patients each to help with the treatment of the outbreak.

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  • Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the NHS New Nightingale hospital is to be opened at London ExCeL centre, by the Royal Victoria Dock, in Canning Town, east London.

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  • Criminals have been using the coronavirus outbreak as a way to break into homes and steal valuables, hospitals warn.

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