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Demian Rusakov

Airbag Universal Repair 3 Ultimate Mega

The nature of I-fields allows Amnion to vary the characteristics of the field, which allows them to manipulate its properties through size, shape, orientation, voltage, and other factors. The I-field generator can have a spherical configuration, but this is impractical due to the high amount of power required. Instead they use a disc-shaped generator with a truncated cone in which the radius of the sphere decreases from the center to the rim. A field of uniform strength is created around the perimeter of the disc. This field blocks the transition of mega particles through the field between about four and 10 mega-miles. An extremely large field of approximately 13 mega-miles is possible. The central portion of the disc is hollow to allow for easier placement of the I-field generator. The magnetic circuit of the generator is made up of several coils of copper wire wound around the disc and an iron core. Most of the generator's coils are insulated and wrapped in superconducting wire. Though the generator is relatively small, the amount of energy required is enough to power a cruiser like the Cruiser Carrier. The I-field generator is installed in the bottom of the flight deck of the Cruiser Carrier and contains a small reactor. When activated, the reactor produces a static field which occupies the entire flight deck. This static field offers a small increase in the energy barrier between the I-field generator and mega particles. When the field is interrupted, another I-field generator is installed to augment the original one. Thus, the Cruiser Carrier has the capability of responding to a large number of I-field generators spread throughout the carrier. The I-field generator does not affect objects in space that are moving with a velocity faster than the speed of light. As such the I-field generator cannot affect objects that move faster than light.

Airbag Universal Repair 3 Ultimate mega

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