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Guide To View Football Betting Odds Quickly and Accurately Nowadays

Football betting always brings a certain level of excitement and fervor. Online football betting has not lost its allure; on the contrary, it has even gained more popularity. Among the many aspects of betting, odds are something that needs to be thoroughly explored. Let's join Wintips to learn under/over tip how to effectively and accurately view football betting odds today.

Common Types of Bets

To accurately calculate and read football betting odds, players need to have an overall understanding of these bets. Currently, many bets are offered by bookmakers, but most are branches of the three main types of bets below.

Handicap Bet

Handicap, also known as Asian handicap or spread betting, is a very popular type of bet frequently seen at bookmakers. Many branches stem from this type of bet, such as: level ball (0-0), half-goal handicap (½), quarter-goal handicap (¼), one and a half goal handicap (1.5), and one and a quarter goal handicap (1¼), etc.

Although these branches are distinct, most handicap bets follow certain rules and have similar gameplay as follows:

The bookmaker selects a match, either randomly or one they have quickly analyzed.

The bookmaker provides an odds number, which they decide. Players view this odds number and prepare their betting strategy.

Players use their knowledge and all available information to choose an appropriate bet.

The winning result depends on the score, including the odds number given by the bookmaker.

1×2 Bet

The 1×2 bet, also known as the European bet, requires a clear understanding of the teams involved and is thus very popular among enthusiastic fans. It allows fans to showcase their knowledge and aim for their own rewards.

The 1×2 bet is special as it only focuses on the win/loss result, hence it has very few branches. If any, they are usually bets on a single half, the entire match, or penalty shootouts. Viewing 1×2 odds is relatively simple, just pay attention to the following details:

1 signifies a home team win.

2 signifies an away team win.

X signifies a draw.

1h indicates the bet is for the first half.

Ft indicates the bet is for the full match.

Over/Under Bet

The over/under bet is the last in the top three popular bets across all bookmakers. To find out how to view over/under odds, you need a bit of luck.

Why is luck needed for this bet rather than the skill to analyze odds? This is because this bet does not focus on the match result but on the total score of the match. Therefore, analyzing odds doesn't help much for participants, and "luck" becomes essential in this type of bet.

With easy gameplay similar to mini-games and slot games, the over/under bet is easily divided into many different bets, aiming for diversity. Some recognizable over/under bets are over 1 goal, over 2 goals, under 0.5 goals, under 1.5 goals, etc.

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How to View Popular Football Betting Odds

Once you have thoroughly researched the popular betting odds, finding a way to view football betting odds is not difficult. In fact, you don't need to apply the betting analysis methods of reputable bookmakers or the number one bookmakers in football betting.

0-0 Draw Handicap The 0-0 draw handicap is a type of handicap bet. To master this bet, you just need to note the following:

This is a draw handicap, so you must have information and knowledge about the team you are betting on.

You only need to bet on a win or a loss; if the match ends in a draw, the money will be refunded to the player.

1/2 Handicap The 1/2 handicap is the most commonly seen bet at bookmakers. In simple terms, the underdog team will be given a 1/2 or 0.5 advantage in the score. This bet has three obvious outcomes:

The underdog team will win if they lose by no more than 1 goal.

The favorite team will win if they win by 2 goals.

If the score is a draw, the underdog team will still win.

Over/Under 3 Goals The over/under 3 goals bet often occurs in matches between equally skilled teams. Since the total number of goals must be over 3, these matches are usually very exciting. Typically, there are three possible scenarios:

Under wins if the total number of goals is less than 3.

Over wins if the total number of goals is more than 3.

If the total number of goals is 3, the bookmaker will refund the money to the player.

1×2 First Half Bet The 1×2 first half bet is not commonly seen in matches. This bet is usually found in high-profile matches with many viewers and participants.

Players need to know that this bet does not cover the entire match; instead, it only counts for the first half as specified by the bookmaker. Therefore, when deciding to place a bet, players must think carefully and make a wise decision.

Penalty Shootout Bet The penalty shootout bet is a different branch of the 1×2 bet. Specifically, all players must predict which team will win in the penalty shootout. The shootout usually ends when a team wins, not just after the first 5 rounds.

Card Betting Card betting typically counts the total number of cards. However, at some bookmakers, this bet can be split between the number of yellow cards and red cards. Players in this bet only need to predict whether the number of cards will be above or below the number given by the bookmaker. As with other bets, if the predicted number matches the bookmaker’s number, the money will be refunded to the player.

These are all the details on how to view football betting odds. These methods are compiled from reputable bookmakers, ensuring high effectiveness and accuracy. Keep these viewing methods betting tips app in mind and combine them with your own experience to achieve the greatest wins. Good luck!


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