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Whore Life [v0.4] [APK]

Description:In this game you'll have to play in the role of the girl who lives in a world that consists mostly from the porn. It's based in the navigation, point and click manner where you have to look for active objects. Take your chances and try to earn money as well to move on in your life.More: Renpy BugsVersion: Updated: 2023-01-16, Posted: 2022-08-02. Request for an Update!

Whore life [v0.4] [APK]

Hey WTF i thought a good marriage couple game with avoidable NTR and good story but all i get is a wierdo mc and a whore so called wife who flirts in front of his husband, surely an NTR lover dev made this, for cucks

Work in progress of a life sim game. There's just the interface and some mecanics. v0.0.2 Changes- Trust and Desire system for every character, you can see the LoveLVL with icons in the game menu.- Added some story for the lovelvl 0 of every character in everyroom.- There is now a visual hint on which room is occupied by a character.- Some internal changes in the code to faster programming.

- Branching Story Paths That Matter -- Cinematic Presentation -- Theatrical Soundtrack -- Realistically Modeled Characters That Have Depth And Story Arcs -- Almost All Renders Will Be Unique, Extremely Few Repeating Renders -- No Reading Exposition While Staring At A Wall For 5 Minutes -- Story Based On Real Life Events -- Many Unlockable SFW and NSFW Renders -- Mini Games -- Timed Hidden Object Events To Find Extra Content And Unlockables -- Animated Cinematic Stylized H-Scenes -- Full Story Will Be 4 Chapters Long -Tell Us About The Game's StoryThe main character is a professor at a local community college. He has a wife that he has been with for eleven years, and a nine year old daughter. They have created the normal life that many strive for... nice car, nice house, good jobs....However, the last year has brought some concern to light for our main character. His wife has become more distant, reserved, and indulgent. He contemplates that he is overthinking it all. When he brings the topic up to his wife, she calls him crazy and states how busy she has been with work. However things are not okay in this seemingly normal suburban home. Our main character discovers his wife's affair and that is where "Illusion of Being" really digs in.Our main character is forced to make choices he wishes he never had to. Will he succumb to the depression and possibly upset those who care for him? Will he embrace the single life and have more attention than he ever thought possible? Will he find true love within his new found freedom? As the player, the choices are yours to make... All the rewards as well as possible consequences, are yours to experience....*We would like to say thank you for your interested in Illusion of Being. Your support means the world to us!*Best Regards,- The TEG Team

This is "The Way to Her Heart", a story-driven game that will depending on your decisions, determine the fate of a guy you slip into.You are a young college student who is in love with a girl. Sounds simple, but it's everything but simple. You will face countless obstacles, temptations, and distractions.Depending on the choices you've made, you'll have the opportunity to experience the story through different paths.Can you resist all the distractions and temptations? Will you find happiness in love and conquer the woman of your dreams?Or will you let chaos enter your life? Will you let yourself be distracted or manipulated by others? Or do you find happiness where you didn't expect it before?Get to know Mila, your manipulative and unpredictable acquaintance whom you can't judge. Will she help you or lead you and your best friend down unknown paths...?Get acquainted with Athena, the possessive antagonist of Mila. Will she help you or even plunge deeper with you into unknown abysses?

Space Whores is a comedic sci-fi brothel management sim. Recruit whores on a space station and match them with customers such as cyborg mercenaries and telepathic space knights. Balance your need to make money against your whores' stamina and mood. Can you turn your meagre collection of sex pods into the finest whorehouse in the galaxy?

The free version includes most of the game's content. The premium version includes five additional backgrounds (Genetic Surgeon, Academy Graduate, Sexbot Engineer, Slave Trader, and Tentacle Hybrid), futanari content, and the ability to edit whores' names and bios during play.

It'd be cool if there were a high score record thingy in the game, like it'd have a tab for each kind of victory and how many days it took to achieve them in your various saves so you could race yourself for personal bests. Definitely valid if you're done done with this and on to something else with your life though. One could always keep ones own records if one feels the burning need, lol.

Jim Rich and Error: : bad evaluation: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'State.variables.whores[State.variables.currentWhore].fName')Error: : bad evaluation: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'State.variables.whores[State.variables.currentWhore].lName')meander back to the Nova Center in the early hours of the morning, both somewhat drunk and with their clothing askew.

Bug report. If you deny the request during the matchmaker event [where it suggests two whores want to have sex] then you get a twine error "Error: macro does not exist" error. Although it does seem to adjust at least one of the whores' moods down.

Also are you planning on implementing an option, after x amount of clients served or money earned, to make the slave a regular whore? I kinda like the idea of being able to free them after all there hard work.

Another non-urgent fyi: getting some seemingly random number of these error after events (actually, I haven't been keeping track, but I wonder if it's the max stamina number of the affected whore -1? Maybe It's trying to subtract all the stamina for each stamina the whore had, but since the first loop drained all there's none left to drain? S/t like that?).

I play on my phone (which does warn isn't recommended). Before the most recent update, I liked to have the whore panel on the right, but now it cuts off if I have it there or on the left (the brothel in the screenshot has 15 workers). Still works fine on my phone with the panel on the bottom of the screen, so it's still playable. Just an FYI if you can figure out what made that particular thing break. 041b061a72


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