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Demian Rusakov

Vivo Per Lei - Andrea Bocelli [Extra Quality]

The English-speaking listener is challenged to uncover whom the person referred to by lei ("her") is. Italian, and other Romance Languages routinely assign gender to all their nouns, whereas English, perhaps with the exception of the use of she or her to refer to ships or bad weather, never uses the gender pronouns to replace nouns that refer to inanimate objects. On first glance it appears the song refers to a woman, perhaps a lover, as the first verse is sung by Bocelli. The female voice in the second verse suggests that the person is somebody who is respected and loved by both men and women. The lyrics progress to say that "she" is always the protagonist and if there is another life, the singers would devote their lives to her again. Eventually, Bocelli sings, vivo per lei, la musica, "I live for her, music", revealing that the true meaning of the song is about music and how musicians devote their lives to music.[citation needed]

Vivo per lei - Andrea Bocelli

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Al final de la letra de la canción 'Vivo per lei (con andrea bocelli)' podrás puntuar su calidad, comentar sobre ella, acceder a más lyrics de Laura Pausini y a música relacionada. 041b061a72


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